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The ZoCo. Valentines Day Bag


A collection of natural well being gifts for Valentine’s Day that will make her/him sing with joy.  We believe in encouraging those around you to be the very best version of themselves, and sending them a gift to show them that they are loved, speaks volumes.

Includes: Uplifting Lemon, Mandarin & Rosemary Shampoo, Conditioner
Joy bath oil blended by an aromatherapist to uplift and cheer
Superbly gentle soap.  Made by hand for you.

Why I love this product

Why I love this product

I would love to be given this bag for Valentines day.  This bag of natural treats will encourage the receiver to take time out for themselves.  Stop, breath in the delicious essential oils and make even washing your hair into an enjoyable ritual.  What a treat!

Full Description

Full Description

Make a saving when buying that special someone a Valentines gift with a hand written note.
These products are sure to make them sing with joy.
All 100% natural, they have been chosen for the care that has gone into them.

What’s really special about this shampoo is that it doesn’t contain sulphates (SLS or ALS, which some other brands use) and what sulphates do is they strip your hair of their natural, balanced oils.  This works with your natural balance and even adds to it with essential oils of rosemary and lemon.  It is incredibly refreshing and gentle enough to use everyday.

A nourishing, everyday conditioner with no silicone for all hair types with essential oils of lemon, mandarin & rosemary.  Unlike many natural conditioners, this one is easy to rinse out and leaves your hair beautifully soft.

The Joy aromatherapy blend is fondly known as our ‘Sunshine in a Bottle”. Our Joy Bath Oil has a powerful uplifting effect on mood and is revitalising. With cheering, citrus therapeutic essential oils of Orange, Mandarin, Petitgrain, Grapefruit and Bergamot to refresh and revive this blend is the perfect antidote to tiredness and feeling a bit low. The bath oil disperses in the water and your skin is left beautifully nourished with no greasy residue.

As an unscented soap, it’s more suitable for those with sensitive skin. Coconut milk makes this soap particularly gentle and creamy. We use organic honey, deep and rich, to give you a little bit extra moisturising. The honey gives this soap its attractive caramel colour and helps create a rich, bubbly lather.
Packaged in fully recyclable FSC certified paper
Palm oil free
Made with 87% organic natural ingredients (what's not organic? Just the water - it's a mineral!)

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