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Eli Rose Organic Serum

Eli Rose Nourishing Organic Face Serum

What is your background?  Have you always worked in the natural beauty industry?

I worked in marketing for many years and I also studied business at both University of Greenwich and the University of Cambridge.

I dreamed for many years whilst working in marketing of launching a completely organic skincare company that was simply straight-forward and honest about their ingredients list and manufacturing processes. But at that time, I felt I didn’t have the adequate knowledge to launch an organic skincare brand. After 6 years of studying the benefits and manufacturing processes of plant derived ingredients, I launched EliRose Skincare. I believe that organic, vegan and cruelty-free should always be the principle values of a good beauty brand.

What inspired you to create this product?

Suffering from Endometriosis gave me awful skin problems; from eczema to hormonal acne. It was impossible to find a skincare product that was gentle enough for my EXCESSIVELY sensitive skin whilst treating my eczema and acne. I started seeing negative results from using diverse ingredients and this is why I started my learning journey about these ‘natural’ brands and the importance of reading labels.

We all know from the media how certain chemicals big skincare manufacturers use aren’t good for us so I started looking into natural skincare products. As I started investigating the list of ingredients in ‘natural’ skincare products and learning what all those difficult to even pronounce ingredients are, I realised that most well-known brands of natural skincare also add large amounts of parabens and synthetic ingredients for their own commercial interests of increasing shelf-life and diluting their formulas to lower the cost of production. 

I then started making MANY iterations of my own organic formula that could help heal my skin. The final recipe worked! The Nourishing Organic Serum was born and my skin finally started breathing and glowing again! And that’s my silver lining!

What is your favourite natural ingredient and why?

I’m OBSSESSED with Roses. It was really important to me to include the rose in our Nourishing Organic Serum as well in the packaging, marketing, really everywhere… Rose has the most beautiful benefits on our skin; it’s delicate, rejuvenating, healing and nourishing and these are only just a few amazing benefits from using the gorgeous damask rose. The Bulgarian Damask Rose in our Nourishing Organic Serum is known as one of the most expensive, yet highest quality Rose oil. It's superior deep fragrance, skin restoring and anti-ageing properties make it well-worth it!

When did you get started?  I bet it wasn’t easy, tell us a bit about that.

After 6 years of working closely with a team of chemists and 2 long years of testing our Nourishing Organic Serum, we were finally able to produce a 100% certified organic serum using only the most exquisite organic and natural occurring substances from UK based producers, certified organic by the Soil Association.

EliRose Skincare was officially launched in February 2018. We were lucky enough to win multiple beauty awards almost just as we launched and been featured in many magazines such as Vogue on the first month of launching. I still have to pinch myself sometimes.

Launching the business alone was hard work! You have to be able to work on every tiny aspect of the company in the early days to build it up from scratch. I tend to spend a lot of time on the aspects that I am good at, which is not always a good thing! However, when we finally got feedback from customers and saw how the product is appreciated and making difference to women’s lives, then we knew the many sleepless nights paid off!

As a start-up, it was difficult to find the right circle of people. I had a clear vision of the values I wanted to share and represent in our social media, marketing materials etc, and people that can adopt these values and communicate them was a hard task to do and resulted in a lot of difficult learning curves.

When do you think EliRose Nourishing Organic serum is most useful to people?

I formulated the Nourishing Organic Serum for the most common skin problems that women may experience in their lives – hormonal acne, sensitive, dry and ageing skin. Having suffered myself from all the above, I wanted a product that was 100% organic, vegan and cruelty-free with as many benefits for the skin. The floral blend of evening primrose, roseship, damask rose, pomegranate and jasmine just to name a few has an amazing balancing effect on the skin whilst benefiting the skin in many other ways. Any women that are experiencing ageing, dry, sensitive and acne-prone skin will benefit from using our serum.   

Since ZoCo. is all about natural well being.  Do you have any well being rituals that you try to stick to?

The definition of wellbeing for me is all about balance. I haven’t stepped foot in a gym in years, however, I adore yoga and pilates. You just have to listen to your body, I guess!

I love starting my day by having a relaxing walk in the park with my Cavapoo whilst sipping a decaf coffee then work and yoga and work again. I found that the best way to relax when having a stressful day is a little break in the garden - there’s no denying that I'm a sucker for tending to my garden roses in the summer!