Our Story

ZoCo. was founded on a passion for quality natural products, beautiful scents, and a belief that taking time for yourself has real benefits to body and mind.  Having suffered from eczema all my life I started to investigate what the chemicals inside many of today’s products were doing to my skin.  I was horrified by what I learned.  Sadly the most commonly used brands and easily accessed goods are filled with ingredients that do both internal & external damage to consumers. Natural and botanical ingredients not only smell better but also have fantastic aromatherapy qualities that deliver benefits to body & mind.  I wanted a place where I could buy trusted brands that made products that actually nourish the body and soul.  A place that was small, uncluttered and had a personal touch.  ZoCo. was born.  Here in the beautiful rolling hills of Dorset ZoCo. is a place to find the very best natural wellbeing brands from near and far.  The rigorous curation process means that only the best products I try make it to ZoCowellbeing.com.  All orders are wrapped up personally in our 100% organic cotton bags.

Here we champion small batch production; sourcing the highest-quality, natural and ethical products and bring these products to you.  ZoCo. is a place where you can find thoughtfully curated gifts for family & friends.  Everything is stamped, wrapped, written and sent by us.

Join me on my journey to discover the joy, benefits and impact that these fantastic products can have.